Time Lapse of the Universe

I am no astrophysicist but I do enjoy astronomy and am curious about the physics of the universe. And for a while I’ve been looking for a book that tackles the subject at the right level without getting lost in math. It took me a while to get through Cosmology for the Curious, but this masterly coverage was worth every single minute. As I read, I came to understand that most of what is known about cosmology, including about the origin of the universe, of the formation of elements of the periodic table, planets, solar systems, galaxies, is unknown and speculative.

Part one of the book reviews a lot of the existing literature present in this area, along-with topics like Newtonian physics, Einstein’s Special and General Theories of Relativity, and Hubble’s discoveries of an expanding universe.
The second half went on to discuss some of the most fascinating things we’ve come upon beyond the big bang: inflationary cosmology, string theory, whether the universe had a beginning and whether it’s possible to create a universe from nothing.

This is one of the best books, I’ve read, on cosmology to date. It is a great reference and I find myself returning to it to review sections. I think it would make a fine addition to anyone’s library who is interested in astrophysics and cosmology.

While you are at it, have a look at this beautiful video showcasing the time lapse of the universe as we know it began culminating in the appearance of homo sapiens.

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